Our WI’s President is Sue Jarvie

Sue was instrumental in setting up Dulwich WI in January 2018 as a means of making new friends and learning new skills.

She has lived in the same house in East Dulwich for the past 31 years whilst pursuing a career both in IT and miniatures.

When Sue’s not working along side the rest of the committee to make our WI into the best it can possibly be, she can be found either in her workshop, where she designs and creates Tudor style miniatures, or in her sewing room, where she is passionately trying to achieve her long term goal of covering every surface in her home with a quilt – or so her long suffering hubby has been heard to iterate!

Sue runs the Dulwich Softies Sewing Club and tries to attend as many as possible of the social events held by our WI.

You can contact Sue on president@dulwichWI.com

Our Treasurer is Barbara O’Connor

Barbara joined the WI in February 2018, as a way of meeting new people and doing new things since her retirement in June 2017.  She originally trained as a radiographer both in radiotherapy and diagnostic radiology but worked as a senior NHS manager before retiring.

Barbara is passionate about empowering women and as Treasurer making the Dulwich WI the best in London. She also runs the DWI WISE OWLs book club which is always up for a drink and a laugh.

Barbara lives in Brockley with her husband, two very spoilt cats and more shoes and handbags than any right-thinking person should have.  

You can contact Barbara on treasurer@dulwichWI.com

Our Secretary is Lynda Hamlyn 

Lynda recently moved to south London from North London and joined the WI last summer.

She joined the WI to meet women from all walks of life, to broaden her horizons, be more involved in the community and to have fun.  Lynda has fully embraced the DWI joining most of the clubs with reading being one of her favorite things.  Lynda is also an ace cook and loves throwing a lunch or dinner party. 

You can contact Lynda on secretary@dulwichWI.com