Mysteries of the Menopause

We at Dulwich WI want to get women talking openly about their experiences with menopause.  Following on from last year’s event, this is our second session, back by popular demand!  We will be focussing the discussion around self care during menopause this time.  But, having said that no subject is off the table, so if you want to discuss it, and we have time, then we will.  Whether you’re in the middle of it, through it, whether it was difficult or easy, if you’re just curious, come share your experiences.  Let others know what worked for you, or learn what worked for others.  No counselling, no medical advice, no judgement.  All we ask is that you participate, that everyone’s experience and views are respected and that anything said in the zoom room stays there.


14 Jun 2021


7:30 pm - 9:00 pm

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