And What They Do...

Committee Overview

The purpose of your elected committee is to run your Dulwich Womens Institute with integrity, transparency, openness, efficiency, equality and excellence. 

The Committee meet on the 4th Monday of each month and discuss any issues, organise events, fundraising, and of course, talk about new and exciting projects and activities that have been suggested to us. We are here to make the Dulwich WI the best it can be.

Committee Duties...

The committee members are the trustees of the Dulwich WI and are elected at the annual general meeting. The committee’s duties are to conduct the business of the Dulwich WI, administer the funds, suggest policies & plans of action, and then present the same to the members for their approval. 

Additional members may be invited to take place on the committee for specific duties.

Effective Committee Members should...

  • Be aware of the Constitution and Rules
  • Know the correct procedure
  • Attend regularly and punctually
  • Be well prepared – read all papers
  • Participate in discussions
  • Be bound by the decisions of the committee
  • Remember that the business of the committee is confidential

If you are keen to explore the opportunity to join the committee then please do email