Committee Overview

The Committee ensures the smooth running of the WI. We meet once a month (in the evening at No 57, Northcross Road on the fourth Monday of each month) to set the world to rights! It’s here that we deal with any issues, organise fundraising and, hopefully, come up with exciting new projects and activities that will make Dulwich WI your WI of choice!

Whilst dealing with all of the above we laugh, and sometimes cry a lot, but we always have great fun planning what our WI will do next – especially when the ideas have come from our members – most of our Committees members attend the members monthly meetings so if you have an idea or are concerned about anything please speak to one of them.

The President

The President is elected by a secret ballot at the AGM from the elected committee members by the members.

It is the President’s job to oversee the general running of the WI, ensuring the committee works well together and making sure all members are listened to and feel included. The WI will thrive if members take an active part not just at local levels but at regional and national levels, and the President can ensure this by listening to her members views and suggestions and developing a diverse range of activities and interests at all levels.

The President is also the public face of our WI and so often represents us to other WIs, to our regional ‘parent’ organisation in West Kent, and even to the press.

She should also encourage good relations between the WI and the local community.

The Vice President

The Vice President is elected by the committee at it’s first meeting after the AGM.

The Vice President supports the President to plan and oversee the work of the committee and the WI. She deputises for the President at both committee and meeting levels and she is also on hand to provide additional general support to the President and committee members when and where it is needed.

The Secretary

The Secretary is elected annually by the Committee at it’s first meeting after the AGM.

Although the Secretary works closely with the President, Vice President and Treasurer to ensure the smooth conduct of WI business it is her personal responsiblity to make sure that committee business is carried out.

The Secretary is also responsible for handling and acknowledging all correspondence from the West Kent Federation and National WI. 

She also prepares the agenda for WI and Committee meetings and keeps records and minutes of committee meetings.

The Treasurer

The Treasurer is elected from the committee members at the first committee meeting after the AGM.

Although part of the Treasurer’s role is to advise and guide the committee on financial matters it is the Committee as a whole which is responsible for the financial wellbeing of the WI.

In short the Treasurer’s role is as follows:-

  1.  She advises on financial planning.
  2. She collects annual membership subscriptions.
  3. She pays all bills and issues receipts.
  4. She keeps the WI accounts up to date and prepares the end of year financial statement.
The Membership Secretary

The Membership Secretary is responsible for formally notifying the national WI of member registrations both during and at the start of the year.

She logs attendance at monthly WI meetings and ensure that our WI contact list is kept up to date.

She manages membership queries and the future Dulwich WI membership waiting list.

Event Managers

The Event Managers coordinate the programme of activities for our WI. This means listening to members and developing a programme which reflects the interests of the group, as well as trying to incorporate the five elements the WI requires, which are: home economics; current affairs; craft; education; and health. They also lead on the logistics, such as contacting speakers and welcoming them on the night, liaising with the Treasurer if there are costs involved and coordinating any equipment required for activities, etc.

Fundraiser Managers

As Dulwich WI will become a charity next year and self-funding, the Fundraiser coordinates raising money (to supplement our membership subscriptions) to help pay for speakers, meeting events and equipment. She sources prizes for stalls we may have at local community fairs and raffles and also takes the lead on organising various fundraising activities.