This is where the magic happens – where we share experiences, ideas, opinions as well as favourite recipes and so much more.

This is also where we find support, inspiration and motivation from our fellow members.

Hopefully these few guidelines will keep our WI buzzing with lots of great ideas and enjoyment:

  • respect confidentiality
  • be honest with Yourself and others
  • have the right to make mistakes
  • keep things in perspective
  • support the decision of the majority
  • be loyal to the WI/board of trustees
  • value the diversity of others
  • avoiding bringing the WI/federation into disrepute
  • manage conflicts of interest effectively

As a member of the WI it is your responsibility to be part of a warm, friendly and caring environment, based on understanding and entirely free from judgement or humiliation.

Although not everyone will have the same opinions and beliefs as you, they have the right to feel safe and comfortable expressing them.

We would like to ask that you treat others in the way you would like to be treated.

Please be polite, patient and respectful in all your interactions with other members and always aim to make a positive contribution to the conversation.