Meet Our Committee

The Girls…

Sue Jarvie – President
Suzanne James – Vice President & Event Organiser
Rose Harris – 
Donna Thyer – Secretary 
Maria Georgiou – Fundraising Manager

Our President - Sue Jarvie

Sue is the founder of the Dulwich WI and was instrumental in the set up in January 2018. Sue has been a Dulwich resident for over 30 years and has seen many changes in the area. Before her retirement, Sue had a longstanding career in IT. 

Now Sue enjoys time in her workshop crafting Tudor style miniatures which has become her new business venture. Given its huge success Sue is invited to Chicago annually where she teaches workshops in how to make dolls houses and everything that goes in them. Sue also upcycles furniture in decoupage, knits, crochets or is found her sewing room where she passionately quilts. 


Vice President - Suzanne James

Suzanne, like Sue, was one of the founding members of the Dulwich WI. Suzanne was born in East Dulwich, was schooled there, had her own children schooled there and runs her business there. Her love of afternoon tea runs through her business and you can always find Suzanne with a cup of tea and a scone… but is it jam or cream first? You decide!

Suzanne enjoys walks in the local parks and her Chihuahua, Dame Dolly of Dulwich! (great name btw) 

Treasurer - Rose Harris

Rose may be the newest treasurer but she has embraced the role with gusto. With three grown up children and a grandson, Rose still finds the Dulwich WI a great way to make new friends, explore new hobbies and experience learning new things in a safe and friendly environment.

In her free time Rose can be found in her glorious garden enjoying a cocktail or two. Rose has three Ginger Tom cats who are always out exploring the local area. Her hobbies include wine tasing(!), dancing and holidays. 

Secretary - Donna Thyer

Donna took over the reins of secretary in late 2020 and has held court at our zoom meetings ever since. Never one to miss a note taking opportunity, given she was a legal secretary for 45 years, Donna has kept us all on track and gently loops us back round if we stray! 

Donna has lived in East Dulwich for over 40 years and has enjoyed raising her children there (four boys and a girl). When not on a zoom Donna can be found Aran knitting for family and friends and loving life with her five grandchildren.

Donna says “The Dulwich WI is a wonderful way of making friends, sharing ideas and sharing skills with others”

Fundraising - Maria Georgiou

Maria re-joined the committee in 2020 much to the enjoyment of the other members. Maria always brings a smile and her quirky sense of humour. Maria is key to fundraising ideas and when not thinking about the Dulwich WI, Maria enjoys her much loved cat Abbas who resides in the window of her shop, Really Maria on Lordship Lane. 

Maria says “The Dulwich WI is a great way of sharing ideas, meeting other women and having fun.” Marias hobbies include bellydancing which, she learnt when living in Saudi Arabia, and says it is a great form of exercise!